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      1. 商務信息

        土耳其外商采購貨車天窗玻璃 側推玻璃 查看采購商


        土耳其外商采購貨車天窗玻璃 側推玻璃,我們是土耳其的一家汽車玻璃貿易和制造公司,現需要在中國尋玻璃廠家合作,提供公司簡介和產品目錄,發我郵箱,長期合作。             土耳其

        We are an automotive Glass trading and manufacturing company in Turkey. 
        We are looking for a supplier for sunroof glass and side sliding glass for VANs. 
        Please send me your email address so I can email you. 
        We need to know the size of your company and production capacity also give you an introduction about our company. 
        If you may, you could send us an email about your company size by sending your company profile and product catalogue at